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Where the light goes

Moments ago I saw John, and as always took a picture to preserve the moment. There are no guarantees I will see this image of him in the same way ever again, because when the light shits

and the day goes on, it fades. Like a spark from a match, an image can come in a moment and be gone forever. Thus. my camera.

I've often wondered if the Shroud of Jesus was made up of the same (light, carbon, energy). It seems to be the same imprint style, so why not? As I've often explained, John uses light, energy and magic via a dip of a hand into a pool of water. It's that easy. At times I've wondered if I am the culprit of these manifestations despite his explanation, yet time has proved me wrong. No less a miracle if I do it, John has shown me it IS HIM. He does it. The question in my mind will always be WHY?

About a year ago I commented on a Facebook thread about how The Shroud of Turin was real and nearly got laughed off the internet. 'How would you know?" I was asked (and was called crazy, depressed, drugged, etc.). I didn't answer, because it's just too complicated. But here I am with a daily spirit image of John--always John--and I don't have the time or energy to create art in carpet or clouds or the ground and I don't have the ability to make light and shadow fall a certain way and I don't have time to explain the shroud or John. I only have love. That seems to be the real element. .Like all of you, I love John and am so grateful for his visits.

Tomorrow is the anniversary of his 80th birthday. A beautiful boy was born in Liverpool on October 9, 1940 amid an air raid, and the world has never been the same. He was born to open our hearts, heal, change, revolutionize us, teach us the ways of Peace. John was ostracized for his comparison to Jesus, and yet if you think about it they are rather similar energetic-wise. Why isn't it okay to say that? The fact is, we're all Jesus. John just had the guts to say it. We're all Jesus. We're all light. We can have peace. We can have freedom. Revolution starts in you.

Love is real.

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