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What would John Lennon look like now?

A few years back an artist depicted several beloved stars, now passed on, with modern day wrinkles and modern hair styles. While fun to look at and wonder over, sad mostly because these people are gone, the interpretation was a bit off in my humble opinion. John was given a stuffy outfit, like some Oxford professor, with short hair and none of his stylish flair. Janis Joplin was given makeup and a nice blowout. Just didn't sit right with me. Personally, I think neither would be into the fussy stuff of getting their hair done and shopping at Target. They'd still be eclectic and weird and offbeat. They'd still be unique and bold in everything they took on, including aging.

Fuck makeup, fuck hair dye! (note: I use both)

Below is my intuitive interpretation of what John Lennon would look like were he still alive. I could feel his approval as I went in for the last pen strokes. On the daily he shows up (in spirit) as any age he experienced in life--so no gray hair or masses 0f wrinkles, but the realty is, he'd have both, and that's what he wanted me to show.

I think John would look great with long, gray hair, like a wizard. Don't laugh, because he kind of embodied that energy in life. He also might have a long beard, but he wanted me to show his face and all those wrinkles, so bare it was.

My version of John in his 80s. Thanks for stopping by.

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