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Was John Lennon Gay?

First of all, being gay is not just okay, it's great. We're all, in my opinion, a little bit gay. Each of us holds both feminine and masculine qualities, it's true. Many of us are imbalanced in this element, but not bereft. It is the balance that makes us function to our best ability. Ignoring that which makes us whole is putting a wrench in the wheel of our ultimate happiness. War, violence, depression, much of it is fueled by fear and an unhealthy acceptance of what makes us whole. Having said that, John started off unbalanced but evolved into a person who accepted both his male a female energies. He was a little bit gay (curios).

This is the message I get from him in spirit: While he wondered about the whole thing and saw some men with a sexual curiosity, he did not engage in any sexual activities with men. He will not say what happened between he and Brian Epstein on their famed vacation ti Spain (someone even made a movie about it!), but he was curious and he had LOVE for Brian. He really, truly loved him because Brain worked hard to make The Beatles a success--he stood up for them when things got bad and he always saw the essence of just how great they fucking were. Brian was like a father/mother figure, a friend, a protector; he had style and grace, yet he could snip off a reporter's nose if they got rude. Brian was the epitomal cool guy, but he had a flaw and in some way John loved him for having that flaw--as he also loved poets and artists in the same way.

In the 70s John stretched his mind to accept the female plight and viewpoint, and because he still mourned Brian, he saw gay men as these wounded birds who were misaligned and misunderstood. He took in that misunderstanding and began to examine it as a means to accept it. So, he became gay curious. Mick Jagger was a little bit gay, so was Bowie, and Elton John for that matter. All the cool guys were gay! But the truth was, he was more attracted to women and not really interested in all the drama that would come with a male-male relationship. He liked women best when it came to sex and relationships.

So, the question remains unanswered--did he and Brian do it on that vacation? John truly won't say. It's not important and it doesn't matter. Maybe they did, maybe they didn't. But he loved Brian. He loved and respected him.

Brian was one brilliant, fucking guy.

I know many will be offended by this post, but they shouldn't be. John was honest and the truth is he represented himself well with his words and music. Not once did he emphasize bigotry in any way. Not once! He was always about the acceptance of each other, as is. And love to be shared in the purest way.

So get off if you think it's okay to be racist to others (says John). John was not and is not (in spirit or ever) going to deny another person their happiness. Accept each other already.


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