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Updated: Sep 1, 2020

This is about John Lennon. And me. And maybe even you. On the night of April 2, 2020, I went outside to watch a sky full of quickly-shifting clouds, the kind of clouds that look like something in one second, then another in the next. What I saw remained. It was John, way up among the Heavens looking down with that familiar grin, spectacles and an unmistakable cheeky attitude. Amazed, I pulled out my iPhone and took what would become the basis for the book I'm writing, John Lennon: Spirit in the Sky. Since that night he has appeared many times in various ways, including this striking image of a peace sign. I'd thought to myself, I need a cover for the book . . . how about a cloud formation of a hand making the peace sign? It perfectly encapsulates John and all he stood for. The mechanics of photoshop and such left me less than thrilled to produce the image, but as it is the image made itself. John created this in the sky the very next day, all I had to do was take the picture.

But more than images and tricks, the meaning of this book (and blog) is about traversing and overcoming the impossible, of striving past the pain we all undeniably go through. Of knowing yourself, spiritually and otherwise. Of believing in miracles, full stop.

John, very strong in the spirit world, still pushes the idea of peace and love. I fully believe that the night be appeared in the sky it was both a personal message to me--a woman grieving her past--and to all of us amid this terrible pandemic. All hope is not lost. Love lives. Life goes on forever. And John never died.

There is always room for hope. Always.

Thanks for visiting. Peace.

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