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Striking image

Not much needs to be said, so without further ado here is a visit from yesterday evening where John appears in light falling on the fabric of a lawn chair. He likes that chair because the fabric acts like a canvas, I feel.

Saturday night I walked by the couch and saw an image on the throw blanket. Nothing is ever nothing to me anymore--I always stop and give a good look. Yes, most of what i see is a nothing burger, but when I know it's something, I take the picture.

What I saw here was a 1700s-1800s era man (JohnLennon-JohnConstable) with his Victorian coat with thick lapel. It's very fluid and almost looks like an old watercolor portrait.

Lastly, he appeared in the same time frame (Saturday evening) on the bedroom curtain, another canvas. It's possible that I saw this, took the picture, and then walked out to the Livingroom to the above image. He's always around.

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