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Seeing John

The veil was thin this last week and I saw (or strongly feel I saw) John more than usual Of course, many will see these photos and not get it, but those that do, will. That's all that can ever happen. You either see it or you don't. Being a seer means seeing, quite simply. Spirit is around a lot more than you think, but our eyes pass by the image just as we pass a billboard without much notice while driving. Thank you for stopping by.

John shows up on the floor in light and shadow. Most impressive to me is his 'spirit' eye, which you will see repeated in other photos.

Here John appeared on the wall yesterday afternoon in the light and shadow. I was taking pictures not thinking I was getting anything when John used a trick he's used a few times before: he zoomed in the camera lens forcing me to take the picture. Thank goodness I did! I see the middle image of him very 1967-ish: darker hair, sideburns, walrus moustache, glasses. To the right of that I see a lighter image of John peeking out. THIS is what he wanted me to see. THIS is why he made the camera zoom in on purpose. It's an amazing photo. What I love most is not just the clear image (IMO) but the familiar expression he has. Like, "Here I am." That is so very John.

A few hours earlier he appeared on the hallway wall. I see a full image of his face: his nose and eye in particular.

On Friday he showed up on the wet pavement.

Appearing on wet pavement. I zoomed in to show the familiar 'spirit' eye.

Another spirit eye, captured while taking a picture of a western wall late day last week. Is it John? It usually is, but no matter what, it's impressive.

Thanks again for stopping by. Peace.

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