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Saturday Night . . .

A quick entry. It occurs to me there's not as much interest in John Lennon appearing as spirit, and I understand the reason why. If it's not happening to you, it's really really hard to believe. Even I don't believe it's happening to me most of the time! I explain it away, become the harshest skeptic, Proof, I need more proof! So I do understand. John told me once that he could show up on fire from spirit and five minutes later I'd say, did that really happen? These things are just so hard to accept. Also, I do wonder if this is my life goal to post pictures of him. It's just something happening to me, but personally my gut tells me poetry, songwriting, etc are what I'm supposed to be doing.

Having said all that, this may be my last post, but all that was shared is amazing as is. Nothing more needs to be added. The point is that John is still around, and he's still just John, the afterlife does exist, he wants us to work on peace and love, and no more war! And miracles are real.

This was John appearing on my bedroom wall Saturday night. Was in a funk all weekend, perhaps he was trying to cheer me up. I show the photo with the contrast and structure brought up--then the raw version as is, just as relevant. Thanks for stopping by.

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