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Long time, lots to see

I know, cheesy title. It has truly been a while, but that doesn't mean John hasn't been around, It means life has been busy. Here are a few pictures of him showing up around the house: the wall, floor, my tea . . . All real, None photoshopped. Thank you for stopping by!

John has shown up in my tea more than a few times, which I always find strangely comforting and fitting. There's something so ceremonious about a warm cup of tea, and knowing he'll be in there using the sepia-toned liquid as a picture medium feels so right. Care for some Oolong, John?

For most of this winter he flowed in with the afternoon sun, cast onto the forlorn hallway wall. Here he is, looking pensive and poetic with those unmistakable almond-shaped eyes, long nose and shaggy hair. It was a miracle every day (when the sun was shining) until I changed a few things in one room and blocked the trajectory. But the truth is, I couldn't stare at and take pictures of a wall all day. I knew he'd show up someplace else fitting. Like my tea.

My bedroom window. While I know it's hard to pick out, I personally see a man's figure embedded in the shadows, looking so much like stained glass that I had to take a photo.

And while this one may seem silly, it's not uncommon for John to show up in my food: an avocado, a potato chip, and yes, even sweet and sour chicken. You can't imagine how strange it is to look down and see an entire sculpture-like formation of his head, like a bust figure. You can even see his neck and moustache.

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