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John Lennon: Songs in Spirit

This is the time of year I feel John the most, and I assume it's the same for most people. October brings his birthday--80 this year!--and there was just something in him that held an autumn feel. The crispness of fall, the death of a season, cold and warm mixed together, clear sight with azure skies and bright orange foliage blanketing the ground. He was all of this--the excitement of newness and endings, always a feel of something ending, but which goes on forever. Bittersweet, that's John.

Unfortunately, his birthday portends his death. No one wants to think about that night in December, yet like that of JFK, the anniversary comes around and all of us must face it with set jaw and bleeding hearts. John should have never been killed, but his spirit has explained it was time to go and that's that. He left at the right time for his soul's growth, though he would have stayed for his children. That will never be okay.

But then he also tells me, as I've stated here often--he never really died. I'm so very lucky to see John every day in light and shadow, or however he wants to show. He appears on the back wall of my house, a large canvass for the afternoon light which comes through a myriad of trees.

Try and see if you can pick him out. I only highlighted one picture because I feel his image is obvious, but also, if you're here to learn how to see spirit, not ghosts, you need to work on your third eye. It's not what you're seeing (patterns of light and shadow), it's the composite. John shows up several times, sometimes many in one photo. I see him with pursed lips, set to whistle. I see him in profile. Facing us. You can see the hint of his spectacles. All John,

I hope you have a beautiful day. Remember Peace.

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