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John Lennon, early December 2020

Here are some recent pictures of John, via light and shadow. He likes to come through light the most, which makes sense since it's my understanding spirit IS light, but he will manifest in patterns on the ground, leaves, clouds, etc. If I posted every time I saw him you'd get annoyed so I try to post only the most credible, recognizable images possible. There's no room for doubt, however, many people will and who can blame them?

These photos are from my hallway the first few weeks of December. This wall is a major place for John to manifest most likely due to the fact that it is a white canvas with nothing in the way, save a light switch..


As usual, it's up to you to decide if you believe these are truly John in spirit. Two things to note): the almost rainbow-like band that spreads across the image, and multiple manifestations of him in each picture. He likes to show himself as one, big image, and then a smaller afterthought, kind of like those conglomerations of art that are made up of thousands of pictures.. I could spend HOURS scanning to find him but there really isn't enough time for that!

I hope you enjoy. Thanks for reading. Peace.

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