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John Lennon Crying

I did not expect to write another post today, but now I have to. As I've said before, John manifests in my house on an almost daily basis. Never do I shout and expect the rest of the world to understand, to listen, to be so open-minded. Most of the world would never understand and there's not enough time to convince anyone of my John Lennon phenomenon. But today, moments ago while walking through the living room, I saw he'd manifested his image yet again into a chair. So I took the pictures. And then looked at them closely.

In one of these I can see tears. Make of it what you will. Personally I feel John and the rest of the spirit world are crying with us as we go through this horrible time of social chaos. Perhaps you are a tRump fan. I am not. John is not. John wanted Bernie Sanders to be president, and lord, I tried to influence people. Maybe I should have tried harder. IN any case, here we are with BIden, a wonderful candidate in his own right and one who will bring us much needed change. Biden has a good heart--that's the most important part. Sadly, Trump does not use his heart. The Egyptians knew the only organ that counted was the heart, and they kept it safe for the afterlife, of which we'd be reunited forevermore.

We need to vote with our hearts, think with our hearts, open our hearts. That is the only way to bring in forgiveness and positive change.

So let's just get this straight: John Lennon manifested his image yet again and is crying in it. That's nothing less than a miracle--and we need many right now. Open your hearts and find a way to forgive, love, heal, and bring PEACE to this world. Not tomorrow, today.

We need PEACE. Not chaos. We need LOVE. Not fear. Do it today. Not tomorrow.

Love each other. That's John's legacy and if you love him at all, work it hard. Work for peace. Do it.

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