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John Lennon, a Republican?

It has been speculated that John was leaning toward a republican viewpoint near the time of his death. While not 100% substantiated, I can say via John in spirit that he liked some aspects of Ronald Reagan at the time. John had money, he was worried about these things, so that's one aspect of it. But was he greedy with it? No. He liked the idea of his money being safe, and after having been screwed over many, many times in the last twenty years of his life, he enjoyed the thought of being savvy with money and knowing he'd have a nest egg for the final years of his life. But more than anything he was caught up in the fever of the election, and the image of Reagan, and a sort of Warhol-ish encapsulation of MAN, John went along with it like many people his age. Reagan had been an actor he'd seen growing up, and John still saw him as that ruddy, all-American icon. Swept up, that's what John says--he forgot that Reagan was the one who tore down the People's Park and ordered a lot of chaos in the late 60s.. However, John, who grew up without a father or any consistent male-figure in his life, saw Reagan as a model to look up to. But in the end, he would have soured on his politics and gone liberal.

And what about these modern days, in this wild political climate we find ourselves trapped in? Who would John be voting for now? "Bernie," he says. "But I'll take Biden.' It's in the B's. No, he would not vote for Trump. There's a crazy Q theory going around that Trump is a God-send to change the perversions of corruption of our society. John says it's like sending a fox to a field of sheep. Trump is the fox. Be wary of who you allow to lead you along. "Even I told people not to follow me!" he says. "You have to think for yourself."

John lived for peace. 'Which candidate promotes this? Which one makes you feel safe--all of society? Which one cares about your health, money, happiness, freedom? All people's freedom?' John cares about Africa, deeply. Which one will encourage unity across the world? Which one inspires you to help those in need--to clean the water, air, soil? Which one cares about all life, not just certain lives? The Godly way is of love, not winning, not greed.

"A president should inspire you to be a better person, not a richer, bigger, more threatening, winning jerk.."

These are John's words..

So, is John Lennon a Republican? No, he's a humanitarian. A peacenik. No war, no violence.

Vote with your heart. Vote for humanity.

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