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It's Here!

John Lennon: Spirit in the Sky is now available!

Writing this book was a true labor of love. It feels wrong to say the pandemic was one of the best times of my life because it carried horrible, horrible elements for all of us, but the good moments were beyond anything I could ever dream of. Seeing John in the sky, channeling his thoughts about life and the world right now, was an amazing experience and one I wish everyone could have. Maybe you will!

My biggest hope is that whoever reads this book finds some comfort in the story of their life, some way to cope, to heal and to know that life goes on even after we physically die. I hope it teaches anyone who's been in a dark place that they are loved, eternally and beyond measure. We are all spirit, all of us, and this book was meant to teach the ways we are connected, not the ways we are apart.

I also wanted to clear the air for John and tell his story in a concise way that wasn't preachy or judgmental. Just john. Just the facts.

But one of the greatest revelations the past lives he shared. If you've wondered, this is the place to find out.

Thank you for visiting. Much love and peace.

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