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It could happen in a second . . .

Presenting, today's Lennon. Not going to lie . . . the image he sent today kind of blew my socks off (not really wearing socks). I was feeling like he was gone and I've imagined all of this, then I look down at my desk and I know it's hi--even though logic says it can't be. That's a tricky thing for psychics and intuitive: logic. It gets us in trouble. It puts us in a pit of doubt when we KNOW IN OUR GUT WHAT IS HAPPENING. I think it stems from childhood with the shaming that comes from being outside the box. All of us are taught to be inside the box, firmly, and stay there until the end. Intuitive are so far out that you might as well burn the box and build a telescope. We belong in the stars. But parents, friends, teachers all want things in order. There's a lot of uncomfortable feelings when things are out of the box.

But magic happens outside the lines.

So I look down, and like I said I was feeling down and sad and lonely and like I've imagined everything, every day. See? Order. Logic.

But I can't help when that feeling comes of ABSOLUTE TRUTH AND KNOWING.

When I see John I know it, and nothing can change that feeling.

I saw him in the light formation on my desk, and as usual felt pulled to take pictures. Because if I don't, it's gone forever.

So these are the Daily Lennon. Some are outlined to help you see, other I'll let you see for yourself. What really got me was the glint of his circle glasses. It's just some old paint on the varnish, but that's how spirit works. They use what's there, as if it was planned a million years ago.

We see you. Or, he sees us.

Seriously, one of my favorite pictures of him.

You can see his smile behind the glasses.. And that nose. YOu can even see the ears and eyes. Always, always amazes me.

From the ethers . . .

Norwegian Wood? Cheap joke.

That Lennon nose always gives him away.

Smiling here. More like a smirk, actually.

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