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How do you do . . .

I've often wondered how John does what he does. How does he manifest in the ground with a picture quality portrait? On a wall, the carpet, in the sky, in light and shadow. How does he do it? I've often asked why he does it, but that's a subjective question. The how is not. He has a way, and that's that. One visual he showed was of him dipping a hand into a pool of water then swirling it around. Seemingly making, conjuring magic, he creates that which he desires. Like a Van Gogh of energy and matter. He can create anything he wants to. When he wants to.

I count myself lucky to see, when most people would walk on by. He's trained me well.

Last night he created this image in the hallway carpet. Him in Sgt. Pepper era garb--or so it looks to me because I can detect the jacket with trim--and another only without glasses. What gets me is the images aren't always realistic, sometimes they are more impressionistic. Like he decided to go more cartoonish, or stylistic. Perhaps it is how he thinks other people see him.

Earlier in the day I noticed the unmistakable shape of his Roman nose on a blanket bathed in light--and I'm always reminded of the scene in Life of Brian when his mother alludes to the attributes of his missing father, and then the Roman soldier they're rooming, and then the camera zooms in on Brian's nose. John and his father could not escape the similarities of such identical appendages as well. But it's what I tend to notice when John shows up and he must know it. His glasses and his nose always catch my attention. But if were only those two things and nothing more, I'd not attribute these phenomenon to being connected to John's spirit in any way shape or form. I'd say, oh, I"m just thinking of John. No big deal. But because everything else connected to the images fit in with his face shape, hair, and the incredible eye (s) that show up--that's why I gave in and started to admit (and I am my harshest skeptic) that something was going on.

Do you see John's outline?

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