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Strawberry Fields Forever

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

This summer, still maid the pandemic, I noticed a miracle happening in my back yard: strawberries growing in fields. Little, tiny berries with moderate leaves, but strawberries all the same. I've heard of patches, but never fields--my only reference being the song. With its essence so perfectly encapsulating him in every way, the archaic childhood structure named Strawberry Fields was like a salvation, and his recalling hinted at an almost tragic delving into the subconscious because the real world was too harsh and regimented. John himself, so tied up with being the excesses of being a Beatle and needing change, wanted to escape; he needed to be heard and understood, and wrote the song as a tepid experimental delving into the underworld of his own psyche. The lyrics and music are different than anything he'd ever created and we'd ever heard. Let me take you down . . .

While John usually appears in light and shadow, this time he made a statement by having a literal strawberry field grow all over my back, and front yard. Amazing.

This picture of the evening sky shows John's profile. You can see his moustache, glasses, curly hair, chin, neck. The colors, too, embody him so well. Perhaps this is how John sees himself the most. Taken on an iPhone in the spring of 2020.

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