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Happy Thanksgiving

Though we haven't quite lived up to our agreements with the Native American/Indigenous people of this country, most of us will still celebrate Thanksgiving in the spirit that it is about family. I can accept that. One thing we all have is family. In one way or the other, you were born via a human (most likely) so you have family. Perhaps you consider your pets family--I do! We all start from some common point, and we can all be grateful for at least one thing. I am grateful for you. I am grateful for my children. I am grateful for John and all the times I've seen him in spirit, and for the wonderful guidance he has given these last few years in particular.

While zooming through pictures I came across a plethora of spirit images of John, and this one stuck out in particular. His message to you all: he loves you for loving him. He's happy and healthy and hopes we all continue to seek peace. Remember, war is not a tool for peace. War is war. Peace is peace. We create peace every single day. In all that we do. It is totally possible to have peace on earth. The answer is love. Love yourself and others. See the light in you and see the light in them. Live it, breathe it. Open your heart and feel the love.

John has pushed me to make fish and chips tomorrow instead of the usual turkey--I mean, think about it: every mom, dad, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, friend is going to cook a turkey. And a ham. Gross. Moderation, folks. Grass fed, free range. Eat with love.

Mostly I think he just wants me to make fish and chips so he can have them too. Truly. I keep getting videos about them now, so he's practically yelling at me about it, lol. I may the watch the new Get Back movie, which looks fabulous. If you watch it, let me know!

Much love and peace. We are all brothers and sisters. You are never alone. We're all one.

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