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Happy Birthday to John

He was born in an air raid, an air sign (Libra) and brought peace. That was his mission, aside from the music and art, which he used along with his mission of peace. He wasn't always peaceful, that was the thing. He evolved. Evolution/Revolution. People don't seem to get that. There's a trend going around to scapegoat him into being some horrible abusive person, but he evolved. He tried so hard to be a better person. That's literally what we are supposed to do: Evolve. Change. More than anything I see him in the light, a pure light of love. So if you have any doubts, just know he's in the light.

October 9th is my birthday too, in a way. It's the day I heard "Imagine" on the radio and felt myself wake up. In my mind's eye I can see him sitting next to me in that old, crappy Chevy of mine--the one with the jacked up axle and fabric roof hanging down. I can see many times when he was with me. We both seemed to ascend together, he and I. YOu still do that in spirit, you know. It's not all perfect and whooo. There's work to do, and we both did it together.

I was 18 that October day when he woke me up, but there were several times before that when he tried. He kept sending "Strawberry Fields Forever" as song form his pure psyche to open up my mind and consciousness to him, but I wasn't ready. However, it did plant seeds that culminated in the primary awakening. Sometimes it takes awhile.

So for me, today is special in an extra way. It's bittersweet that he was born yet not still here in a physical way. But it will always be the day we came together on a spiritual level.

I know you all love him too. He has that gift of bringing true heartfelt joy and deepness--the kind the world needs. If you have a connection with him, don't take it for granted. It's there as a gift. Treasure it. And bring that love to the world. It can heal all the agony and pain and sickness.

Much love and peace.

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