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Happy Birthday

Yesterday John's energy was palpable. He showed up several times throughout the day. Here he is in a swath of late afternoon sunlight. I see several images: his face in light, his face imprinted next to the light and then as a composite--try to pick him out in the last picture.

Is it just me, or is everyone feeling John's energy lately? Maybe it's because we all crave the peace he worked so hard to bring about. His music, videos, pictures are everywhere. In fact, yesterday it was announced there was a photography exhibit with unearthed photos from his time with the Sgt. Pepper Broadway show. I love his look from that time, and his beautiful spirit captured so magically in the video for 'Mind Games.' It makes your heart ache to see him. Feather in the cap, boots, a long black coat. He was lovely, and yet he still exists and will go on forever. Just John. He never died. He only passed on to a freer existence.

I used to cry thinking he was gone from this world, but now I am witness to daily visits. Never will I take it for granted.

But if you don't believe me, if you don't believe he's still around, turn on his music. Can you feel it? Can you feel HIM? HIs energy is magnetic and real. It never stopped. Why would the Universe create such a vivid, strong soul only to rip it from us completely. NO. He's more alive than you and me. But we are all one. So if you breathe, if you smile, if you dance . . . you are one with him and me and her and all. We all exist together forever.

Remember Peace. Remember Love. Remember John Lennon. Happy Birthday.

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