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Had to rub my eyes . . .

If it wasn't for the photographic proof, I'd put this off as pre-coffee, early morning, sleepy-eyed delusion. But I do have proof, and it did happen. I was actually looking to the other side of the light switch when I took the picture because that's where John seemed to be, but as usual he appeared wherever he wanted to. This is one of those photos where I'd say he manifested in the digital transfer. So, I took the picture aiming at one thing, but in that second of capture, he slipped his image in. And it looks like someone stuck him in there, to be honest. Again, can't say this enough, I NEVER USE PHOTOSHOP. Ever. I only adjust contrast, brightness, maybe add an Instagram color filter if it brings him out, but never ever ever do I change or add to the actual physical image of john. He appears the way he wants to and that's that.

To be honest, I can see multiple images of John in this, but the most striking, most recognizable is the one I've circled.

The remaining photos are from last week. Horrible stretch of below freezing temps, snow, ice and power outages. Started to come out of it by Thursday, and I look down to see John--the most recognizable feature being his almond shaped eye.

Thank you for stopping by.

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