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From Me to You

John had a lot of karmic and soul mate contracts, a lot of sexual connection, and a lot of deep friendship bonds including artistic contracts such as songwriting (aka Paul). This comes from a long set of past life connections and the lessons needed in his lifetime. Much of that will sound like gibberish, but spiritually it's the truth. He and I knew each other in many past lives, if not all, and I probably knew him as John Lennon even if it was small. Many times I've wondered if I might have been his mother Julia, or perhaps a prostitute in Hamburg. It was either monumental, or miniscule, but not insignificant.

We knew each other.

I say this because so often it occurs that outsiders might see me as an infidel stealing John's name/image/identity as a way to gain attention. Quite the opposite. It took a long time to bring this out in the open--a connection that was obvious to me at the age of 18, Looking back, there were times when it's now clear he tried to 'wake me up' earlier than that, but I wasn't ready. Here I am 'much older' wink wink finally sharing the experience with the world.

I think the biggest mistake people make about John is that he is locked forever in one karmic situation until the end of time. Uh, no. When he died, tragically, horribly, he woke up to his true self and all that he'd learned in past lives, all that he was and he saw all the people he loved and who truly loved him.

Why do we think he's just some hippy rocker dude with a cigarette cussing and pitching out witty one-liners? Forever? Really??

No. He's free. He's John infinity. He made mistakes on earth, he still makes mistakes on the other side. He's still learning. He's not a statue. He's a real spirit/soul/person. He does great things, really really great things like orchestrating peace on this chaotic planet, but he's also still dealing with the karma and darkness of his life and past lives. Think about all the drugs and time wasted. Some of it opened the doors of consciousness, yes, and that was good. But a lot of it was escapism and lost time. And think about the sexual chords that still haunt him. The pain he caused. And the pain others caused. He's still working on it. There's a song he likes to send to me by Gerry Rafferty called 'Right Down the Line' about how through my awakening at 18 helped him on the other side. I always felt that. Together we worked on karma and pain and regret and our ascension process. Together.

And as I go through the pains of life still, and life is very painful, he's there to help me as I helped him. See, when I was 18, I knew his spirit was still alive. I could feel him with me. We spoke all the time on a spiritual level. About life, society, civil rights issues, women's rights issues, etc. The earth. Spirit. I also think he enjoyed watching me go through my Beatle phase because being part of the band in the middle of the chaos he did not get to enjoy it in the same way. Through me he saw, heard and felt what it would be like to be a Beatles fan, which meant he also understood their contribution of love upon everything.

He likes to send songs to me as messages, certain song in particular which I won't go into. And despite him disparaging much of his catalog of music in the band and as a solo artist, he does send those songs as well. The other night I woke up to my old phone playing from start to finish 'From Me to You.' It was three a.m. and I woke up to that specific jangly sound of the drum and the bright warbling of harmonica. And the voices--his specifically. So beautiful. And magical. Then I open Facebook later on in the day and the same song plays. I said, "John, didn't Paul write that song?" He said, "Well, I helped."

Actually, he did more than help. As I tuned in to see who'd written the song, an image of Paul and John huddled together over their guitars came to my minds' eye. So they'd both written it.

John is proud of his work. And I love that he can send one his compositions as a message in tough times. Thank you. It means the world to me.

Maybe he'll send one to you too. Just ask. Songs are written from the heart, and that means they are from spirit and love. That means they are eternal. Songs have magic to them. And so, with love from John to you, thanks for reading. Peace.

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