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Conflicts and problems

I am sure my problem has happened to someone else , but knowing that doesn't really help the frustration. Someone has spoofed my Amazon author account and put their bank card in my bank card's place. I say spoof because when I sign in the normal way, the way I always do, it shows my bank card info but when I access my account via the link provided by Amazon it shows someone else's. How frustrating.

At first I thought, oh, it's just a spam link and my account is fine. Nope, the whole thing started because I wasn't able to receive money. It's not like I make much, in fact, I'd like to give it away for free, but that's impossible on Amazon. The whole thing is: I can't make it free, and my bank account is cut off. I should be getting some small profit, but it's blocked.

Someone else is profiting on, or at least blocking me, from receiving book sales. Amazon makes it impossible to contact them for help so I'm really not sure what to do other than make the price of the book super cheap, because, what the heck. This has taught me not to use Amazon. There's no help or control for issues like this. You're alone.

Spiritually I am not, and though I do not wish bad karma on others, if Spirit wants to dole out karma for however did this, feel free. The main thing is: who does this? Who steals money from a spiritual-based writer? Not cool. Personally, I'd never do it.

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