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Channeling John Lennon-December 3, 2020

As the anniversary of John’s passing draws near, I find myself feeling tense and sad. You’d think by now that I--and all of us--would be over it, but it’s just not so. As real and horrible as it was back then, the fact remains that John Lennon has been taken from this world forever. We’ll never see him, hear him, have him back again.

A human like all of us, John was also a talented musician, rebel, rocker, artist and poet--a precursor to all things in that realm, as well as an extremely authentic human being, and someone to look up to. Though he had problems, you can’t deny he was trying to evolve so that the rest of us could do the same. That makes him irreplaceable. I feel like that’s why so many find it difficult to get over his death: his absence is an irreplaceable rift. Like a shout in the wild now silenced, you only hear the silence and wish for the shout.

Like many I wonder what John would be doing today . . . internet junkie, eyes on his phone, playing live, writing, getting old, or would he have gone into total recluse? It’s hard to imagine him being anything other than the opinionated and productive former Beatle, hands still on the wheel of life, full throttle even if only in a lounge chair in sweats. He’d be all over social media, making his voice heard and causing heaps and heaps of trouble, because words and opinions were his thing. Being the liberal he was (just like two liberals in the sun), he would not be far right—if you get the hint, so that leaves him a Democrat, though he’d want his money protected. He would care about the treatment of the voiceless in society, the planet, the origins of humanity, and free speech. While this may irritate some, it shouldn’t if you truly love John. He was an outspoken guy, and aside from a few minor strays in thought, he would remain a far-left liberal.

When it comes to music, I feel John would still be writing much like Paul (McCartney) does, and like Paul, only when he feels like it. Mostly he would be writing poetry and perhaps dip into the realm of novelist. Mostly poetry. I can tell you this, John would not be reenacting his Beatle days singing, ‘Help!’ over and over. That would be hell to him. Most of his time would be reading and absorbing the news, literary, arts, psychology, religions, philosophy, and anything world related. He’d worry about and speak of the less fortunate often. To the point of being annoying.

This is what I have often envisioned John’s day being like in our modern world—yes, including a pandemic:

John gets up early to feed his cats and make a pot of espresso. No more cigarettes because he finally found out his health was more rewarding than the habit. No vaping either, he’d never fall for that shit. It’s smoking or no smoking—no in-between. Then he’d both watch and read the news intermittently, with most news coming from his phone or print newspaper. He might pen an angry editorial piece and think about sending it out, and then think again. Time for a bath or shower. Where’s Yoko? you ask. They broke up decades ago because it just didn't work, and he wanted to be truly independent for the first time in his life. There was a co=parenting situation, not always easy, but it worked for the best. For a short while John went back to England to record, but grew sick of it and went to Ireland to write poetry and just watch the sea. New York remained his hub, and during the 80s he came back often just to keep up on things and stay relevant. The most important thing was keeping up with his sons and making sure they had the love and support they needed, but mostly he enjoyed watching them grow and become self-sufficient men.

In the 90s John writes a book about his mother, and then a stage play. It premieres in Liverpool then goes out across the world, and he with it. He is immensely proud to talk about her, and to bring her story into the public eye for the first time. No sugar coating, either. He tells the real story—unknowing how much it will bring awareness to the plight of young mothers judged by society. For the rest of the 90s he writes and travels. Nothing too fantastic. He's just living life.

Then 911 happens. John and Paul get together for a benefit concert, with Ringo as well. They do not call themselves The Beatles. They’re just John, Paul and Ringo. At one point John gets in trouble with a lover but he likes his single life. No more remarrying.

So now it’s 2020 and he’s online, opinionated, wise, but not bitter, doesn’t smoke, doesn’t do drugs (only occasionally), and he works toward the one thing he loves more than music and his sons—World Peace. It’s his passion, truly. He’s a blazing liberal, anti-gun, anti-violence, BLM supporter, activist, pro-feminist, and with all this he rules the acidic comeback on twitter. No one can beat his wit or humor to this day. On a personal level he has a lover on the downlow, but he knows better than to shout about it to everywhere. Some things are better kept close to your chest.

And that’s that. My view of what John Lennon’s life would be like in modern times. Never forget that it was violence that took him from this earth. Love is all that matters. Remember love. Thanks for reading.

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