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Caught a little light

Light is all. Light heals, illuminates, uncovers. In film, negatives are dark and light. Composites of both. Spirit is both. You'll never understand your soul's potential unless you delve into the murky underside of your shadow side. You'll never understand the light inside you unless you understand the dark inside you. The trick is not to linger, to take only what you can and move on to the full embodiment of your identity. Like egg whites being blended into the silky chocolate folds of cake batter, we become a composite of all ingredients. One and all. We rise and form and become a solid thing.

John taught me not only to see the composite of his spirit, but also the in-between--the layers that make up a the full. Here, the fabulous John Lennon shows himself in the palm of my hand. Light and shadow. It was afternoon and sunlight came through the window in just the right way; I wondered what it would look like dancing in my hand. I didn't expect John, didn't call him in, he appeared on his own. It wasn't until later that I saw the numerous times he had appeared. It's in that first miracle minute that he flickers in and out so gloriously, like Rudolph Valentino in a long, lost silent movie. And it is John, no doubt about it. The face , the eyes, the glasses--at times he shows the distinct line of his roman nose, so easy to pick out and so unique to him.. Oftentimes I've seen that shape in nature--trees, rocks, leaves. Why is he everywhere? Is his soul so very old that he's imprinted in the very molecules of this earth?

We are all stardust. We are all light.

Here he is: John Lennon, starring as Rudolph Valentino, the great lover. In the palm of my hand. Cue 'Tiny Dancer' by Elton John. It's one of my favorite songs.

Caught a little light. Look carefully at the :28 second mark where John fades in then out.

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