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Back to life

Back to life. Back to reality. Whatever reality is . . .

One thing John has shown me is the intricate, complicated, infinite yet efficient way spirit communicates. Between us and someone on the other side exists certain set of codes that tie us together. I feel it corresponds to the big bang and the beginning of time, and is like a DNA marker of our celestial birth. The codes John sends most to me is: 711 or 117 which adds up to nine. I could see 4311 or 5211 or 72 or 27, etc. I see these numbers a lot.

A week ago I taped an old episode of The Love Boat because, hello, it's a cute show and kind of cheesy but still I like it. So I taped the episode only to have my internet/cable go out for a week. No biggie. Finally paid the bill and had a chance to watch the show today, and saw . . . JOHN.

I rewound, watched, rewound again. Couldn't believe my eyes. And yet . . .

Just yesterday while taking me dog for a walk at the lake I saw a man who looked like John. It had all the feeling of Kismet as he walked by in blue jeans, a caramel leather jacket, boots, his reddish brown hair slightly feathered back. He had John's swagger, and most of all, he embodied his energy. One hand went up to sweep back the long hair as he walked toward the shore and sat down. I didn't say hi. Part of me was actually a bit frightened, because . . . why? Why was this happening?

It's not the first time. John has shown up in human form at least three times before, using real people in real time to appear at the right moment. These people do not know he's using them to send a message--they're merely innocent participants and victims of fate. But it's him, saying, "Hi."

I thought long and hard about saying hi, but something felt wrong. This was a visit. Not a meeting. And my dog verified this by pulling away to go on the opposite path away from the shore. Yet still . . . I thought about it. Another walker came up with a rowdy Labrador and my long-haired John Lennon lookalike stood up to swagger down the path from whence he came. Back to some oasis in time.

So when I saw John today on the old, cheesy episode of Love Boat, I knew. But still, it's always a shock to the system. I thought, look up the episode and date it aired. IMBD showed it premiered on 1-17-1981. 1-17. 117. A month after John died.

It's crazy how this whole synchronicity thing happens. I'll never get used to it.

And then that smile . . .

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