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John shows up in my house frequently. In fact, not a day goes by that he doesn't imprint himself into the old, ratty carpet stained by my children's juice boxes. a strange thing to do but I guess it makes a good medium, if not an embarrassment to me. But that's his choice. Mostly he shows up in light and shadow, in songs, in birds, in leaves. Sometimes he blatantly knocks things over. Just to be clear, I'm not relegating him to ghost-like status. John has told me he is NOT A GHOST. He is a spirit. As such, he prefers to work with light and energy. Birds, as I said, are messengers of the afterlife. These are his favorite way to make a visit. For example, last night while sitting in the backyard at sunset, a dove flew to my tea cup and sat on it. Then a few minutes later, a hawk soared over my head. Not normal occurrences. I always know it's John. His bird of choice, though, is the cardinal who shows up every day. And you will see down below a picture of John and the image of a cardinal as one. This is how he sees himself the most.

Since I can't be outside all the time, he shows up in the curtains, the floor, the wall. Like I said, he knocks things over, taps, touches my arm. One day it had grown cold and drizzly and so I took to running in the house for exercise. Out of the corner of my eye I kept seeing a flash of blue. It happened over and over to the point where I literally thought that maybe I should get my eyes checked. The next day I saw an image in the hall carpet. John. Ironically, it was the anniversary of the release of 'Imagine.' I had told myself, "I probably won't see him much as the world needs him now." But he showed up anyway.

Sure looks like him to me.

He shows up on the curtains too.

Here he showed up behind me in the door. What I love about this is I took the picture the moment I saw him back there and the expression on his face is like, "Finally."

Here he is in the carpet again. It looks like his profile, but a second view shows him staring straight on. You can see the circle of his glasses and the detail of his eye. That's what always gets me: the eye. There's always an eye in his images.

Here he is with a cardinal on his head---or is he the cardinal? When I channeled him for the book, a cardinal sat on the fence outside the window the entire time.

Look close. This is my favorite image he's given to me. It's almost picture quality. In reality, it's like a brand new photo of him. One that has never existed until now. You can even see his neck tie, his glasses, his moustache, the bend of his shoulder. And it's consistent. All of his images have the same face shape, nose, etc.

This was the first time he 'set' his image--or at least the first time I noticed it. It's possible I walked over days before seeing it. Then, I cried. For two days I sat next to this image and marveled at how he'd done it. And why??? He looks very Victorian here, but also it's his 1967 visage. When it rained, I let the image wash away because something told me that in nature he'd come and in nature he'd leave.

So, while the reason I started writing my book: John Lennon: Spirit in the Sky, was because he'd appeared in the clouds, most of the time he shows up whenever he wants--which sounds so like John.

Thanks for reading and stopping by. Remember peace.

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