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A tale of two Lennons . . .

This morning I caught a Facebook post about John and his father Fred, a topic which has never ceased to catch my interest. They looked so much alike, and in some ways had a parallel life. I'll tell you why. Fred had a difficult childhood, so did John. In adulthood, Fred went off on ships, port to port, shore to shore where I assume he had many women and was known as a notorious charmer. A semi-celebrity in his own right. John went around the world as a member of The Beatles, a major celebrity in his own right. He had many women and was a charmer to all. Both John and Fred had early marriages which ended poorly, offspring left behind. They both went on to remarry in controversy. More offspring.

While not exact, it's similar. It so happens that many of us replicate our parent's lives unknowingly. It's in our cell structure, our cell memory to follow similar paths. That karma repeats until we learn or our sons and daughter heal the karma for us. Thank God.

John went on to forgive his father for leaving him behind, though not completely. By the time of Fred's passing mid-70s, John had processed and healed from the abandonment, yet it was never forgotten. I wish I could have been a fly on the wall for their final conversation. Though, it's none of my business.

Another similarity of these two is their voice: both have a quality both cutting and pleasing at the same time. They both wrote as well. Amid the height of Beatle's mania, Fred put out a Sinatra-ish toon titled, 'That's My Life,' an uncanny foretelling to 'Imagine.' It really is unnerving how much they sound alike. At the time, John felt his father was encroaching on his fame and money, and was most likely correct. But with distance, we can all see how endearing the whole thing is. To make a pun, the apple of charisma didn't fall too far from the tree. These two, torn apart, sometimes violently opposed, were like primordial twins.

Now the dark side: Fred had a physical defect caused by poor care in his formative years. Raised in an orphanage, he developed a crooked gait and never did grow to his proper height. I believe this is why John had such a fear of physical defects. He, quite simply, was terrified of becoming his father. Even professional shots of him with the Beatle hair blown back by the wind caused a rage in John, such was his total cleft from paternal memories. But as he'd told me so many times, he evolved. And with that evolution (revolution) he grew to love and respect his father, and the connection they shared.

John and his father Fred.

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