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A blessing

Like so many unfortunate people, I got the C-virus. This after wearing a mask and having the Pfizer. My son--who was about to get vaccinated--fell ill and then I caught it. Any mother would do the same--risk her health in exchange for a healthy son. He felt better in a few days, yet I have been struggling for almost two weeks. Just when things seem to get better, I wake up to sinus issues, migraines and general fatigue. Add in the loss of taste and smell--no more pleasure in eating--and life starts to feel like a long, slow walk in hell. That may sound dramatic, but it's my reality. I just want to feel healthy again!

Amid the fever and chills, and general malaise, I have seen through the veil to John's wonderful spirit more and more. He's been around to comfort and guide me through this rough time. Oh, how I appreciate him! Even yesterday after finding enough energy to take my dog for a short drive, guess what song came on the radio? Imagine. Hadn't even left the driveway yet, and John was sending me a message of hope. His voice is like a prayer, such that it goes into my soul like light and happiness. Each evening he appears on the bedroom curtains, and wall. Who am I to receive such kindness? One day, I'll know for sure, but for now I can only reciprocate with extreme gratitude and love. Dear John.

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